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Gothic Bellydance: Revelations instant video / DVD at :  belly dance Uncategorized 

Gothic Bellydance: Revelations instant video / DVD at : belly dance

Dance, fitness, modeling instruction – video / DVD / iPhone, iPad Apps:

MUSIC: “Switch” by Enduser

Gothic bellydance combines a range of contemporary bellydance styles and flavors with the themes, music, and edge of Goth subculture. Dark fantasy imagery of many shades comes alive through evocative movement, emotive intensity, spectacular costuming and the theatricality of the dance.

The artists and troupes featured in this program come from across the US and each is renowned for their unique style of dance, innovative beyond the technical characteristics of the larger style of movement they represent, such as cabaret, tribal, or other genres of contemporary bellydance. It is this distinct, trend-setting uniqueness, and interest in dark fantasy realms, the mystical, ethereal, and otherworldly, that brings together the cast of Gothic Bellydance – Revelations.

Adrienne, Ariellah, Ayshe, BellyEssence (Kazja, Zoe, Peishan, Jaida), Blanca, Elsa Leandros, Jeniviva, Isis, Laura Rose, Maiiah, Mavi, Neon, Sarah Skinner, Sa Elayssa, Sarah Murphy, Sashi, Sera, Shakra (Na’la, Hilary and Bronwen), Sherene-Vismaya, Solstice (Sera, Laura Parker, Melissa Randazzo), Tempest.

The diversity of dance styles represented in this program is complimented by the expansive range of music – gothic, industrial, metal, contemporary bellydance, tribal bellydance, medieval, club, and worldbeat music. The artists and bands you will hear include:

Clan of Xymox. Collide, Corvus Corax, Die Form, Djinn, Enduser, Jehan, Jill Tracy, Knossos, Maduro, The Retrosic, Slidecamp (Freek Factory), Shiva in Exile, Solace, Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ. Zentriert ins Antlitz.

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